Maroochydore, Australia

A general cleaner for a company that includes the following key responsibilities:

  1. Physical Work: Performing a variety of physical tasks, including lifting, carrying, moving, and handling materials, equipment, or other items.
  2. Site Preparation and Cleanup: Assisting in preparing work sites by setting up tools and equipment, and participating in cleaning up after jobs are completed.
  3. Basic Machinery Operation: Operating basic machinery or tools as required, following safety guidelines and instructions.
  4. Adhering to Safety Standards: Following all safety protocols and procedures to maintain a safe work environment.
  5. Flexibility: Being adaptable and flexible with tasks and schedules, as general laborer duties can vary day by day.
  6. Teamwork: Working effectively within a team, communicating clearly, and contributing to a positive work environment.

Qualifications usually include physical fitness, ability to follow instructions, basic tool knowledge, and a willingness to work in various conditions . No specific educational background is typically required, but certain certifications (like a safety course) can be beneficial.

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